The Last Supper – Photo Retouching

One of my favorite out of town visitors is my friend Steph. It’s not unusual that we get into some drinks (sorry Mom) and put together an impromptu, mad minute photo shoot. This time she wanted to shoot a birthday invite. For some reason it was to be based on The Last Supper…. Why ask questions?

Steph wore several different outfits and I had her pose like the Saints in the original painting. Each pose was separated and then composite into a mixed 2D and 3D (Cinema 4D) background. Textures were applied in both the C4D render and Photoshop.

We had a good laugh and here’s the result.

The Last Supper

And the original that inspired the photo.

The Last Supper


  • Steph's Last Supper Detail Left
  • Steph's Last Supper Detail Left
  • Steph's Last Supper Detail Center
  • Steph's Last Supper Detail Right
  • Steph's Last Supper Detail Far Left

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