This model is a study of one of the historic Thracian Gladiator helmets found in Pompeii. I modeled it in Cinema 4D.  It’s a strange design and was fun to figure out.  Digging into the details of how the helmets were assembled was especially interesting. Since the Roman’s were unable to weld, many of the bronze parts were hinged, cast, crimped and assembled with folded tabs.

On the original helmet, there’s a part underneath, and to the sides that anchored the hat looking top to the face plates.  I took some creative license and left it out.  It looked a bit ugly to me, likely serving a purely mechanical function rather than being an aesthetic design element.  I took some liberties with the front relief as well, visible in the sculpt below.

I started detailing in Mudbox but the file corrupted somehow. Since I’m learning and didn’t know the program doesn’t have an autosave (come on Autodesk, it’s 2018!)  I only have a render of an incomplete sculpt.