This project was a rebrand for the Hogue Inc. knife brand, Hogue Knives.  Hogue primarily focuses on firearm accessories, so entering  the knife market required some additional discovery and outside expertise.  I was hired to help them better establish, and communicate their unique value proposition.

During the discovery phase I started a dialogue with the large and passionate online community of outdoor enthusiasts and collectors. They were asked for feedback through surveys driven by giveaways and by social media engagement. Online Influencers were also asked to join in the discussion.  The process was key in both enforcing and challenging internal and external perceptions of the brand. The information gathered was weighed against the competition and the design process began.

Deliverables included a Brand Book covering look and tone, product photography, packaging, a catalogue and a series of 12 web videos featuring the knife line.

Here are some samples of the final result.