This is my latest insect study, this time inspired by an Elysii Beetle photo. There are a ton of varieties of these with different color combinations and shell patterns.

I used C4D for the main model and Grooming with Mudbox for the displacement and normal maps and Redshift for the render.

Just a note, Mudbox 2018 in its current state is a real POS. It constantly crashes and has a dysfunctional auto-save (one .bak that doesn’t properly update). It’s generally unreliable which is a real disappointment since the tools and UI are simple to use. It can produce great results when it decides to work. Definitely not a trustworthy tool for high res model and paint jobs where stability is paramount. That being said it’s capable of simpler jobs and it’s super cheap, trouble shooting time not included.

Z-Brush is probably a way better option although I’ve heard it’s can be a pain too.