Here are some DIY camera rigs that I designed and machined at home for my DSLR’s. They were made on a small Sherline mill and a Unimat Lathe.

I made them at a time when a “run and gun” dslr camera rig was going to cost way more than my camera.  For the price of the rig I wanted, I could easily afford a Sherline mill instead and try to make my own. It ended up being a good choice seeing as I can make other rigs, like the one below which was used by the VFX department on the third Riddick movie for shooting HDRI plates. Now using a Canon 5DS/ 5DS R or another large sensor camera would certainly be more practical. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to design and make. Better still, I had a chance to work on the movie.

Anyway, these DIY’s were a few years ago and fortunately there are decent compact, cheaper products coming to market. Due to that fact, I’ve mined my favourite parts from these heavier rigs and have them live in my studio.